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In the realm of outdoor adventure and survival, having the right gear can make a world of difference. Among the myriad options available, the Snugpack Tactical Softie® Smock WGTE stands out as a versatile and reliable choice for professionals and amateurs alike. 

We’ll take a closer look at the UK-made Snugpak Tactical Softie® Smock, highlighting the unique qualities that make it a valuable companion for even the most intrepid of adventures. 

Quality Materials

The Snugpak Tactical Softie® Smock WGTE combines high-quality materials and intelligent design to create a garment that can withstand even the harshest of conditions. 

The outer shell is made from Paratex Micro, a fabric renowned for its durability and water-resistant properties. For added warmth, the smock jacket has a TS1 lining, which is high-performance and textured and perfectly wicks sweat and condensed moisture away from the body. 

Finally, the Softie® Premier insulation is super lightweight and retains its heat-trapping properties even when damp, making the Tactical Softie® Smock the perfect antidote to the not-so-glorious British weather. 

Design Features

The Snugpak Tactical Softie® Smock has an abundance of temperature-regulating features to prevent overheating and ensure comfort at all times. It has a quarter-length front zipper and side vents to provide enhanced ventilation. The elasticated drawcord on the neck and hem traps warm air and aids insulation to keep you cosy when you need it most. 

The side vents have a fantastic secondary function, providing seamless access to lower layers of clothing, holsters and belt equipment. Snugpak understands the importance of mobility when you’re out adventuring, and the Tactical Softie® Smock is specially designed to never slow you down. 

The large chest pocket acts as a spacious hand warmer lined with TS1 fabric for additional protection against the cold. Snugpak has even included badge soft hook and loop patches for those who need to display their name or unit name. 


Ideal for professional, military, police and bushcraft use, the Tactical Softie® Smock will have you adventure-ready in no time. It’s incredibly versatile, thanks to clever design features like the side vents and large chest pocket. It comes in a range of colours, including black, olive and multicam, and what’s more, it’s made right here in the UK. Insulating materials offer breathability and water resistance, making the smock the perfect choice for your next exhibition.

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