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Clothing - Poncho

Clothing - Poncho

Ponchos provide a practical solution for rain protection without causing overheating in warm, wet conditions. Lightweight and versatile, ponchos are an essential piece of kit for any adventurer, ideal for keeping both you and your backpack shielded from the elements.

  • Enhanced Patrol Poncho WGTE

    Waterproof smock design poncho

    Original price £65.00 - Original price £65.00
    Original price
    £65.00 - £65.00
    Current price £65.00

    When the unexpected downpour hits, the Enhanced Patrol Poncho WGTE fits comfortably over your head to provide 100% waterproof cover for you and you...

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  • Insulated Poncho Liner WGTE

    Blanket style antibacterial pullover

    Original price £59.00 - Original price £59.00
    Original price
    £59.00 - £59.00
    Current price £59.00

    The Snugpak® Insulated Poncho WGTE is simply a useful piece of insulated kit that will come in handy when you need to warm up quickly and stay warm...

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