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©Royal Navy Skeleton Team


©Simon McCabe


©Nordic Overland


©Charlie Kay


Brand Ambassadors

1. Royal Navy Skeleton Team

We’re really pleased to announce that, we’re sponsoring the Royal Navy’s Skeleton Bobsleigh Team for the seventeenth year running. The team commented.“The sponsorship you provide the Royal Navy Skeleton Team has been the most essential, as it is your kit that keeps us warm on those below minus degree days at the top of the track and for this, we thank you for it”.

2. Simon McCabe

Is a vlogger focused on angling, the outdoors and the wild. Producing regular creative content from national & international onlocation films and direct-to-camera diaries to product and location reviews.

3. Nordic Overland

Is run by Jonas and Anton, who both have extensive experience in outdoor activities and photo / video production, as well as their professional service through governmental first responder units and military.

4. Charlie Kay

Is a Lake District-based photographer. He has 5+ years of photography experience and has been working towards working with his favourite outdoor brands such as Snugpak. Snugpak has helped Charlie take his photography to the next level with gear to keep him going when out on his expeditions.

©Gareth & Zoe Wilcamps


©Sandgrouse Travel


©Tito Loredo


©Ian Nairn


5. Gareth & Zoe Wilcamps

Camping, Cycling and Kayaking / canoeing in the UK. Budget -medium range equipment, camping tips and places to camp. Visiting places such as the Peak District, the Lake District, the Yorkshire Dales, Beach camps, ancient monuments & some canoe / kayaking video’s too.

6. Sandgrouse Travel

Jonny Stage is the founder of Sandgrouse Travel & Expeditions, he has completed a number of exciting expeditions and challenges across the globe, travelled throughout much of the African continent and right across Scandinavia. Now creating tailor-made luxury and adventure itineraries for Sandgrouse Travel & Expeditions

7. Tito Loredo

Tito Trueba is a Mexican photographer with more than 20 years experience. He has been interested in outdoor activities since he was a child, survival, bushcraft and exploration being his favourite topics, nowadays he spends a lot of time with his furry friend Nuba a Malinois.

8. Ian Nairn

Has had a love of the woods since early childhood, “doing” bushcraft before it was called bushcraft. He not only adventures in UK woodlands, but travels the world to broaden his skills and knowledge, including a high level of first aid training which enables him to be a support medic on expeditions.

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