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Sleeping Essentials - Pillows

Sleeping Essentials - Pillows

A camping pillow can make a world of difference while you’re out adventuring. Don’t sacrifice comfort; invest in a comfy travel pillow today. 

  • Butterfly Neck Pillow WGTE

    Self-inflating pillow

    Original price £27.00 - Original price £27.00
    Original price
    £27.00 - £27.00
    Current price £27.00

    This self-inflating pillow is specially designed to make sure you have a comfortable night's sleep, equally supporting both sides of the head due t...

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  • Snuggy Headrest WGTE

    Compact insulated headrest

    Original price £10.00 - Original price £10.00
    Original price
    £10.00 - £10.00
    Current price £10.00

    An extremely lightweight and compact pillow that stuffs into itself for simple storage yet provides excellent support for the head and neck. The sa...

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