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Sleeping - Hammocks

Sleeping - Hammocks

Hammocks are a fantastic solution when you need a comfortable night’s sleep outdoors. Our hammocks are lightweight and portable, perfect for bushcraft, camping and military use. 

  • Tropical Hammock WGTE

    Easy setup lightweight hammock

    Original price £57.00 - Original price £57.00
    Original price
    £57.00 - £57.00
    Current price £57.00

    Durable and lightweight the Tropical Hammock WGTE uses parachute nylon, with triple nylon stitched seams to ensure durability. Perfect for spending...

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  • Jungle Hammock WGTE

    Easy setup hammock with built in mosquito net

    Original price £75.00 - Original price £75.00
    Original price
    £75.00 - £75.00
    Current price £75.00

    The Jungle Hammock WGTE is excellent when you need protection from biting insects, but don’t want to carry a tent or separate net around. The hammo...

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