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The Value Of The European Outdoor Conservation Association (EOCA)‏ – Protecting The Great Outdoors.

The Value Of The European Outdoor Conservation Association (EOCA)‏ – Protecting The Great Outdoors.

People may not have heard of the European Outdoor Conservation Association, or EOCA. However, this organisation performs a valuable service “contributing to the conservation of wild places and ecosystems for future generations.”

What the EOCA do is to raise money to promote care and respect for wild places. There are over 120 members of this not for profit organisation and the membership stretches from Norway to Spain and from the UK to the Czech Republic. EOCA directly funds projects with conservation bodies that have been nominated and voted on by the association members . The funds can be for up to 30,000 Euros per project and those that have been, and will be funded, are as wide ranging as the members (from giant multi-nationals to small enterprises). Further, the locations are not restricted to the European boundaries and projects have been performed in Nepal and Kyrgyzstan.

Membership is open to any company operating within the outdoor industry and we, at Snugpak, are very proud to be members of EOCA. 100% of the membership fees go directly to the conservation project that have been nominated by and voted for by the members. This democratic process should ensure that the most deserving projects get the most support. Excitingly, Snugpak, as members, can nominate up to 3 projects each year for voting on by the members.

Over the last 8 years EOCA has funded 64 projects in 36 different countries which amounts to 1.54m Euros invested in our planet’s future. Some fantastic projects have been implemented during this time amongst which elephants trails have been created in India, the red-footed falcon has been protected in Bulgaria and Atlantic rain forest was planted in Brazil. Not bad for the first 8 years, imagine what they can do in 20 years!

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