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Hammock Quilt WGTE

Layer of warmth for inside your hammock (Part of the 2 piece system)

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Color: Olive

Based on sleeping bag technology, the Hammock Quilt WGTE is designed to keep you warm and comfortable, with the benefit of giving you easy access to your hammock. If you’ve tried to climb into a sleeping bag on a hammock, you’ll know what a struggle it can be! The quilt lays over you with a section for your feet and insulated flaps to tuck down each side, helping to keep it in place all night.
The Hammock Quilt WGTE is filled with Snugpak's Travelsoft Insulation, meaning after long periods of time, it can be unpacked and it won't have lost any thermal characteristics. Combine the Quilt with the Snugpak Underblanket WGTE, and you’ll have a complete insulated shell around you-you'll be as warm as toast!
Due to the versatility of the hammock insulation systems, the wide variety of applications and variations in a camp set up, it is difficult to establish an overall comfort temperature for these items. As a general reference, the insulation used is Travelsoft with the similar fill weights to our two season sleeping bags. We would strongly recommend you experiment with your setup and gradually build up to more extreme temperatures until you are confident of the overall thermal performance.

(Hammock not included)

  • Weight: 1100g / 39oz
  • Packsize: 24cm x 22cm / 9" x 9"
  • Origin: Imported
  • A layer of top insulation like a blanket that traps warm air (combine with our underblanket for full protection)
  • Antibacterial fabrics stop odours when on the move
  • Ultra-lightweight will fit into any backpack or Bug-out bag
  • Foot pocket to keep the quilt in place while sleeping
  • Supplied with a Compression Stuff Sack 

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