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Silk Mix Liner WGTE

Add an extra layer of warmth to your sleeping bag or stay cooler in warmer climates

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Color: Black
Silk is a type of fabric that we naturally associate with luxury; we don’t usually think of it as something that will keep us warm! In fact, silk is a very poor conductor of heat, and consequently will trap warmth within the sleeping bag, making it a very warm option with a touch of luxury. 

Silk also has another surprising quality that makes this liner a must when you’re travelling in hotter climates. Its natural heat-managing characteristics keep the body at a comfortable temperature in both extremes of hot and cold.

Gram for gram this is our most heat efficient sleeping bag liner.
  • Weight: 140g / 5oz
  • Packsize: 15cm x 7.5cm / 6" x 3"
  • Origin: Imported
  • Soft and luxurious to the touch 
  • Adds an extra layer of insulation to your sleeping bag
  • Can be used on its own in hotter climates as a travel sheet to stay cooler
  • Breathable with moisture wicking properties
  • Easy to wash and care for fully machine washable
  • Extends the life of your sleeping bag and wash your sleeping bag less
  • Supplied with a stuff sack for easy compact carrying
  • Outer Fabric: 30% Silk, 70% Cotton

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