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Expanda Panel WGTE

Extra room for your UK made Snugpak sleeping bag

Original price £43.00 - Original price £54.00
Original price
£43.00 - £54.00
Current price £43.00
Color: Black
Available for all UK made bags this zip-in-wedge adds extra chest room (Sleeping bag not included)
Please note: As expanda panel WGTEs are made at a different time in production to the sleeping bag, occasionally, the Expanda panel WGTE can appear up to 10cm longer or shorter than the sleeping bag. Although the zip tape length is exact, there is a variation on the amount of coil per zip, which the zip manufacturer explains as the “expected tolerance”.
Please check before purchase, as expanda panel WGTEs may be incompatible with older models of Snugpak sleeping bags.
  • Weight: 360g / 13oz (Summer)
  • Origin: Made in the UK
Expanda Panel WGTE adds 40cm of extra chest width to your sleeping bag.

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