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Our Winter Essentials Guide; Brought To You By The Snugpak Ambassadors.

Our Winter Essentials Guide; Brought To You By The Snugpak Ambassadors.

While the snow falls and temperatures plummet, we thought what better way to help you guys decide on what to wear this winter than to ask our experts.

As you will know from following us on social media, our Brand Ambassadors are not just based in the UK but all over the world. 

They often put our gear through its paces in treacherous and sometimes arctic conditions so they know first hand the quality craftsmanship that goes into every Snugpak product. 

So let’s hear from a few of them on their favourite Snugpak products for this type of year.

Gareth & Zoe Wildcamps, Camping Experts – Softie Elite 4 Sleeping Bags

“Our favourite bit of winter kit has got to be the Softie Elite 4 Sleeping Bags. Not only do they feel like they’ll soak up a lifetimes worth of abuse but the fact they’re both length and width adjustable was a huge plus for us (being different shapes and sizes to each other). 

“The Reflectatherm/Softie insulation is a real game-changer when it comes to synthetic insulation and we feel confident that whatever the UK winter throws at us, Snugpak has our backs when it comes to staying warm when it matters most!”

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Jonny Stage, Adventurer – MML3/9 Softie Smock

“Winter days in the Scottish Highlands call for a selection of functional, easily stowable layers. During the colder months, moving from autumn through to winter, I rotate between both my Snugpak MML3 Softie Smock and the beefier Snugpak MML9 Softie Smock.

“Of course, depending on the tasks at hand. During active days on the hill, I find the MML3 to be the perfect companion because it is extremely packable (folding neatly into its own storage pocket), windproof layer and rugged. 

“If embarking, however, on a day out where I’m more static, or will be stopping above the treeline in snow, there can be no better option than the MML9 Softie Smock, which provides ultimate protection from icy winds.”

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Tito Trueba, Photographer & Explorer – Tac3 

“The Tac3 for many reasons. It is very lightweight, takes almost no space in my pack so I am always ready when temperatures drop. As you know Mexico temperatures are very forgiving so it makes it possible to spend nights with little gear. The Tac3 ensures me that even in a survival situation, I will be protected from the elements!”

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Davide Ciavarrella, Hiker- Torrent Jacket, Jungle Blanket and Tactical 3 Sleeping Bag

“It is pretty hard to say which Snugpak products are my favourite because they are all great from different points of view. If I must choose the best and must-have for my winter adventures, I would say the Torrent Jacket because it is both warm and waterproof. That is not easy to find in a single product with these characteristics. 

“My Jungle Blanket because if you want to stop for a quick rest or lunch in the wild, it keeps you insulated from the ground and you can also wrap yourself into it if needed. Last but not least, I love my Tactical 3 sleeping bag! It was super comfy even in the most freezing nights, but is compact and not too heavy to carry in the backpack. In fact, I use to bring it with me even if I don’t plan to stay out for the night.”

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Matt Holland, Photographer & Outdoors Leader-  Impact Fleece

“My favourite Snugpak winter item is the Impact Fleece. It’s the one item I always pack in my bag or wear this time of the year. The perfect fleece to match with the Snugpak Torrent, MML smocks or outer shell. Not only that it feels soft to the touch which provides that extra comfort when it’s miserable and cold outside, but it is practical and doubles up as a pillow in winter when I’m out camping.

“I am always looking for means to reduce pack weight and rather than using a pillow, I use the Impact Fleece which is far more comfortable as a headrest versus inflated pillows. Less likely to deflate too.”

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Ian Nairn, Bushcraft Expert- Hammock Under Blanket and Venture Pile Shirt

“My Snugpak under blanket is an awesome bit of kit that has been all over the world with me and is just a reliable bombproof bit of kit that I know will keep me warm in my hammock.

“The clothing item that gets the most use is definitely my Venture Pile Shirt. It’s a great top that is good on its own as an outer layer. When in Sweden on winter trips it is my second layer to keep me warm whilst being active. It cuts the wind and holds heat well. For its size, it’s great as it packs away into its own chest pocket and can be used as a pillow on flights etc.”

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Wendy Searle, Adventure Writer – Torrent Jacket

“I absolutely love my Torrent Jacket. It’s perfect for UK winters. It is waterproof and insulated so it feels cosy!! If the temperatures are plummeting, I’d put a thermal base layer, and probably a thin mid-layer, underneath.

“Don’t go too bulky or you’ll risk being too hot when you’re working hard. You can always open the vents under the arms once you get moving. Keep snacks, compass and phone (in separate pockets) handy – and shove some extra gloves and a hat in for the summits.”

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That is what our Brand Ambassadors say but what do you think? Join the conversation on our social media and tell us about your winter essentials. 

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