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Snugpak Outdoor Camping Essentials For Beginners

Snugpak Outdoor Camping Essentials For Beginners

Here at Snugpak, we love to hear people have taken up camping for the first time. As a beginner in the world of outdoor camping, it may seem overwhelming, and you may not be sure what to bring with you.

We have compiled a list of Snugpak outdoor camping essentials for your first camping trip.


Possibly the most obvious item you’ll need to invest in is a tent. When purchasing a tent, you will need to make sure you choose something durable, waterproof and able to withstand any weather conditions.

We have multiple different tents available. These performance tents are versatile, 100% water and windproof, lightweight and are available for solo travellers, duos and trios.

Sleeping Bags

A crucial item you will need to bring along to your camping trip is a sleeping bag. When looking for a sleeping bag, you’re going to want something that is durable and can keep you warm through the night.

The Navigator sleeping bag is a great introduction to Snugpak sleeping bags. Not only are they comfortable, with a super soft lining that’s soft to the touch, but they are insulated for chilly nights and have a water-resistant outer fabric.


To hold all your essentials, you’re going to need to invest in a bag or rucksack that can not only look after your essentials but one that is easily accessible and won’t give you a backache!

Our Xocet bag has large main compartments and padded shoulder straps. This bag can withstand harsh weather conditions due to its heavy-duty nylon fabric and has an adjustable waist strap. Like our other rucksacks, this bag has a ventilated padded back with an airflow channel, ensuring comfortable wear.

Other Accessories

Jungle Blanket

Our insulated jungle blanket is perfect for the upcoming summer season and can be used on its own or in addition to the use of a sleeping bag. Ultra lightweight, wind and waterproof, the jungle blanket also uses the same insulation in our sleeping bags, so it will still keep you warm overnight.

Hand and Face Travel Towel

Snugpak’s extra absorbent hands and face travel towel is a versatile product that will become essential in your kit. Lightweight, super absorbent, quick drying and made with Silvadur intelligent technology that reduces bacteria build-up makes, this a great addition to your outdoor kit.


Water-resistant Notepad

Out in the wild and need to take some notes? Snugpak’s water-resistant notepad is great for use on the move and is usable in all weather conditions. Whether you’re making notes on Geology, Geography, Bird Watching or Fishing, this water-resistant notebook has become essential in many outdoor ventures.

Essential Wash Bag

Our compact travel wash bag is essential for packing toiletries compactly. Not only does this product come with a detachable mirror and a hanging hook to use in your tent, but it has plenty of storage, and its robust rip-stop fabric ensures contents are clean and safe.



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