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Q&A Climbing Kilimanjaro

Q&A Climbing Kilimanjaro

What sleeping bag should I use for climbing Mount Kilimanjaro?

As specialists in catering for extreme conditions, we have created the perfect sleeping bag for long expeditions and, in particular, climbing Kilimanjaro.

Climbing Kilimanjaro will push you to your physical and emotional limits and we know how important a good night’s sleep is to succeeding in such a challenge. The Chrysalis 5 is the ultimate winter sleeping bag to see you through the experience.

Inspired by evolution, it is lightweight making it easy to carry and it puts you in control of temperature and comfort.

The Chrysalis 5 can deal with a range of temperatures from comfort: -15°c to extreme: -20°c. Its advanced design helps you transform it from a warm, snug sleeping bag into a cool spacious one. It has the added bonus of an inbuilt LED torch with an on, off or flash button – a small but an amazingly important touch.

The bag boasts all the features of a quality Snugpak mummy-style sleeping bag but the jumbo zip baffle can be opened out to give much more room via the expander panel. The extra space within the bag allows air to move around, keeping the bag cooler. But if the temperature drops, all you need to do is zip the bag tighter and you’ll instantly feel the boost of warmth around you.

The key features include a left hand zip, Outer Fabric Paratex, Micro Inner Fabric Paratex, Light Filling Softie®, Extra Info Torch which uses two (easy to replace) CR2032 batteries and the foot section is enhanced with Thermal Suede for extra warmth and comfort. Mmmmm, snug!

If you want to feel safe and secure on your adventure, the Chrysalis 5 comes at a small cost of £104.95. To find out more, or to print off a spec sheet, visit our website

Or, if you have other sleeping bag needs, take a look at our full sleeping bag range

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