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What Equipment Do I Need For Winter Camping?

What Equipment Do I Need For Winter Camping?

Snow, fresh crisp air and ice are all stunning attributes of winter and are often what makes a camping trip in the wilderness all that more exciting and beautiful. But they can also cause all sorts of hazards – which some of you know only too well!

If you’re heading on a winter adventure, we’ve put together a guide including some great references to help you pack for all eventualities. Remember, as long as you’re responsible and have the right gear, you can enjoy camping all year round.


Having a suitable tent is essential to protect you from the elements. Especially frost, wind and rain. But you also still need it to be lightweight so that you can carry it around. Our Bunker tent has been designed specifically to deal with the winter weather.

We also have many other tents to choose from.

Heat loss

This is the main concern when you have set up and camp and settled for the night. Depending where you are, temperatures can drop well below freezing so you need equipment that will get you through the night. Snugpak has a range of sleeping bags which you can select based on what temperatures you’ll expect to be facing (check the weather forecast before you head anywhere!). We do have experts on hand if you wish to talk through the selection before choosing.

Extra comfort

Sleeping mats are essential for a good night’s sleep to make sure you wake up ready for the day. They provide an extra barrier between you and the floor to help keep you warm. Snugpak has a selection with various specifications depending on what you need. Our Range of Sleeping Mats.

Staying dry

The last thing you need when trekking, hiking or on a camping holiday is your equipment getting wet. A dri-sak can keep the elements from reaching inside your backpack – it is 100% waterproof with taped seams and a roll-top, buckle secured, waterproof closure, so your kit is protected even if it takes an unexpected dive into the water! Take a look

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