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  • First and foremost: prepare shelter before it gets dark. Here is what our outdoor survival expert Sgt Fruitcake says:



  • If you’re going to get a good night’s sleep, you need to be prepared with an appropriate seasonal sleeping bag. Temperature has a major effect on our sleep so if it’s set to be cold/freezing, then you need to ensure you have a sleeping bag geared to dealing with that. Same goes for heat. As specialists in sleeping bags we’ve developed a wide range of products that will suit any expedition or outdoor activity. Have a look at our sleeping bag range and see what will suit you best. Having a sleeping mat is crucial to a comfortable and warm night’s sleep and can be rolled up, making them easy to carry.
  • This would bring us onto clothing. Again, ensure you’re prepared for all eventualities but you need to have a good idea of what the weather is likely going to be like where you’re heading. Our SJ9 is perfect for extreme cold conditions but if you’re heading to warmer climes, layering is key
  • Food and drink: the main rule is bring only the necessities and always lots of clean water.(or take packets of iodine to sanitise any water you get from the country/questionable sources).Love The Outdoors has some great advice on avoiding waterborne illness here: When it comes to food, portion things out for each person so that you’re not taking packets in bulk.
  • As we’re heading into spring Sgt Fruitcake gives us some advice on edible plants:


Here are some don’ts when it comes to eating wild plants from outside influence:
If you can’t clearly identify a plant, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Eating something that could make you sick could make you miserable or cause life threatening health issues. Steer clear from a plant if it has: Wilderness Survival has an in-depth page on edible and medicinal plants. Have a read here for more information and images:

    • Carry a first aid and survival kit. Here is a great infographic posted by Matthew Disney on Pinterest:
  • And another infographic on the best ways to start a fire:


If you’re into wild camping, send us your tips and advice. We’re always looking for pictures! Don’t forget to send them to us @Snugpak and on Facebook.


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