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What Outdoor Activities Can I Do With The Kids This Easter?

What Outdoor Activities Can I Do With The Kids This Easter?

Egg-citing! The Easter Holidays are nearly here (how fast is this year going?). One thing we hear a lot of these days is parents saying they’d love to get their kids away from the computer games and outside more. Studies have also show that the more active kids are outdoors, the better they sleep and the better they perform at school! So we’re just as passionate about getting kids outdoors as you are. We’ve put together some ideas on what you can do this Easter…

Affordable and easy things to do:

If you have really young children then chocolate is always a winner. The Woodland Trust has come up with some great Easter egg hunt ideas that you can prepare yourself. If you don’t fancy the hyperactive sugar rush that chocolate can create, then spend some time with the kids decorating hard-boiled eggs or round stones beforehand. Why not turn it into a social event with friends and family?

Get creative in the garden:

All you need is flour, a sieve, home-made stencils and away you go! Why not use the garden to teach your children about wildlife – there are lots of ways to make bird feeders and you can spend the rest of the Easter holidays watching the birds and measuring how much they have eaten.

The garden is also great for cooking and baking (we’re thinking mud pies, crushed leaf milkshakes and goo potions all sprinkled with a touch of grass).

Further afield:

Is there any activity that makes you feel more free than riding a bike? This is a great free activity that kids love. If you’re child doesn’t know how to cycle, then this holiday is the perfect time for them to learn. There is lots of help online for teaching children how to ride a bike and also mapping out routes. Try the VisitEngland, VisitScotland or VisitWales for great countryside ideas.

There is a great website called which you can type your town and postcode into and it brings up all the local places, events and activities available to you. Why not head to your local farm and feed the animals, walk around your local museum gardens or try a woodland walk (which will be stunning at this time of year).

Have you tried Geocaching yet? This is a fantastically fun activity to with kids of all ages. It’s a worldwide activity in which participants hit the great outdoors and use a GPS receiver to find and hide ‘cache’ containers. It’s an activity that can be enjoyed by all, no matter what your age or fitness level is and is great to do as a family, with friends, for fitness or a bit of fun. Geocaching also has an avid following in the UK, so you’ll instantly become part of a friendly community.


Are you heading on a family holiday camping this Easter? Last year we prepared a blog on activities to keep your kids entertained while camping. Have a look here – we’re always looking for more ideas and advice from parents, so please feel free to add you own tips.

We have the perfect sleeping bag range to ensure your little ones have the best night sleep possible when camping.

Whatever you decide to do, let us know. Send in your family snaps for our gallery page!

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